GLOBAL DSR has always, and will continue to provide a comprehensive approach to the ophthalmic equipment industry. We strive to provide outstanding products along with a full line of services and benefits to streamline every client’s transaction. From buying & selling equipment, to crating & shipping, along with equipment leasing and financing, GLOBAL DSR also offers consignment of used equipment, marketing strategies, and current industry trends. We also take pride in our after-sales service support, which allows every client to buy with confidence.

GLOBAL DSR is also proud to offer new ophthalmic products to clients in Florida. If you are interested in learning more about these products please click on the manufacturer logos in the right margin. If you would like quote, please contact a team member today.

Equipment Purchases

We provide quality new & used equipment. This service is the backbone of our company. We strive to ensure every transaction; every piece of equipment is handled with the utmost care and attention to detail. Our available equipment is carefully inspected upon arrival to our facility, tested to ensure it meets manufacturer specifications, and is always stored in a climate controlled facility. Every client can buy with confidence knowing they will receive the exact model, in the specified condition, ready to treat or diagnose patients, every time they buy used equipment from GLOBAL DSR. Replicating this outstanding service and commitment to satisfaction is why we are industry leaders.

We Buy Used Equipment

We purchase used equipment. As practices and surgery centers grow, so do their equipment needs. Likewise, as technology advances, so do your equipment needs. Looking to upgrade, but have not received a fair price for your equipment? Is there a piece of equipment no longer being used by the practice? We are always searching for high end, quality equipment. Our buying team is ready to negotiate a fair price for your equipment. We always coordinate pick up and removal of equipment around your schedule, not ours.

Crating & Shipping

We provide crating & shipping. To ensure every items arrives in patient ready condition, we utilize experts in the field of crating & shipping. All too often, a piece of equipment is packed using cheap, cost effective materials in an effort to save money. At GLOBAL DSR every item is custom crated and packed with superb craftsmanship. We then ship crates using an industry leader, utilizing years of experience to ensure your equipment arrives in excellent condition and in a timely fashion.


We provide financing for equipment. We understand that setting up a new practice or surgery center requires a large investment. Doctors shouldn’t be bogged down by financing constraints. GLOBAL DSR is ready to provide a customized financing package for each client’s equipment needs. We are happy to take on the burden of acquiring affordable financing so that our clients are able to focus on the technical aspects of their new venture.

Consignment of Used Equipment

We offer consignment of used equipment. We understand that purchasing equipment can be expensive. If you are interested in selling your equipment, but are not satisfied with the market price, let us know, we would be happy to assist in any way we can. Our goal is to streamline your practice and allow you to concentrate on patients, not equipment. We will utilize our marketing and advertising outlets to assist you in the selling of your equipment.

After – Sales Services

We provide a full range of after-sales services. Our trained equipment technicians are always on hand to provide clients with technical assistance. We also offer consultations to assist our clients in their marketing strategy or to provide updates on equipment trends. We strive to be a continual part of our clients’ sustained success.
At GLOBAL DSR, we strive to foster a long-lasting relationship with each and every client that we have the privilege to assist. Contact a team member today to discuss your particular needs.